Birkball Table Soccer




    This game is an abstraction of soccer that features a target ball, goal lines, and a rectangular playing field with two opposing teams. Here are some benefits of the game:

    1. It provides fun and challenging entertainment while sharpening perceptual and motor skills.
    2. It's completely FREE - no in-app purchases or pop-up ads.
    3. Users can choose among three modes of play, with each having 8 levels.
    4. High scores are retained to offer a challenge beyond winning.
    5. A game can be completed in less than a few minutes.
    6. Screens load quickly.
    7. Adapts to various size screens

    To understand how the game is played, without actually playing, it helps to look at one or more screen shots of the playing field. You are the Yellow Player on the lower right. The Orange Player is your partner in trying to get the red target ball to the red line at the top. The Green and Blue Players are your opponents, who are trying to score points by hitting the target ball to the red line at the bottom. The first team to score 10 points wins a game.

    You have to tap the screen to launch a ball from the yellow home base to where you think the target ball will be. When you touch the screen, you define a line that directs yellow balls from the yellow home base origin to the point that you touched. The balls you launch and the balls that the three other players launch can collide with the target ball and each other, leading to trajectories that simulate the laws of physics.

    No personal information is accessed. Some game and device data is collected to improve future versions.

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