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    Published: 2014-01-20, by Peter Warrior.

    A 3D boxing simulator

    • It's free, ad-supported
    • Awful UI
    • Poor gameplay
    • Outdated technical performance

    "Jab jab cross, c'mon that footwork"

    Boxing Mania 2 is a boxing FPS. There are two on-screen virtual pads to roam and look around, plus buttons to guard and throw jabs and straights

    Haven't you ever wondered why there aren't FPS boxing games at all? By FPS I mean, complete FPS, with two sticks on screen plus buttons to guard and throw jabs and crosses. Set on a 3D scenario, at first glance, it'd seem the boxing game to beat all the previous boxing games.

    If its gameplay wasn't as it is. Truth is that is very uncomfortable to move and punch, and even harder to create something similar to a strategy. You have two bars, one for 'health' and other representing fatigue, so you know that it's time to attack relentlessly when your opponent has to rest for some seconds to cooldown his fatigue bar. However, it's quite difficult to use your left thumb to move and at the same time tap on either the left jab or the left cross; and likewise there's no way to guard up if you want to look around in order to focus on your foe.

    Graphics are 3D, yes they are, but look like they are from the XXth century. Animations are poor and sound is MIDI like, everything's too retro for a game that doesn't expect to be retro. In short, a not so enjoyable gameplay for a game full of potential and ambition, but below average in all areas.

    Anyway, perhaps you'd like to give it a go to enjoy multiplaying against a friend. That would be a reason.

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    by Peter , Appszoom

    Jan 20, 2014


    Boxing Mania 2 is the original real-time 3D BOXING fight game on Android.

    Game features:
    * Offers a relative high quality experience (3D Models and 3D Sounds)
    * Easy to control
    * Five scenes (boxing ring, locomotive depot, the island, pedestrian street and warehouse)
    * Two camera views (FPV & TPV) on Match mode.
    * Four AI levels (Easy, Normal, Hard, Nightmare)
    * Gain access to new costumes
    * Five graphic (cartoon, old film, lomo, sketch & ghost) on Arcade mode
    * Bluetooth local multiplayers function supported
    * Free with unobtrusive Ads
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