Cat's Curling




    Curling is a "cat pot" with a system of "Curling competition".
    Please enjoy and conflict, "meow, meow" because singing.
    Earthen pot because it hit, the collision is, cats are not that painful.

    It is a game that can be played with a sense curling billiards.
    Because it is a free app, I have to show ads.

    The rules are simple.
    I moved the stone circle in the middle.
    Points will be added in the stone that comes in a blue circle.
    The higher the score is closer to the center of the red circle.

    The time limit is 20 seconds.
    During play, can be moved even stone.
    Stone moved once, I can not move again.

    Numbers that appear in the Stone is the distance from the center.
    Distance will be added as and score less than 100.0.

    You can switch, "HUMAN" "CPU" in the selection stage.
    Often more advantageous since a large stone,
    Handicap race can be performed by depending on the level of your friends, select a stage.

    In the Play screen, it is displayed as "1-5" scoreline is,
    In the winning numbers of your choice, please decide the outcome.
    To return to the title, and return to the selection stage, scoreline is reset.

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