Curve Kick

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    Ever dream of kicking an amazing curve like a football superstar. This football emulator makes it come true. More than that, you can record the kick shots for playback and show off to friends. There are 3 camera positions to view the ball curve. And you can control the one to use whenever you like. Wide range of kicking positions can be selected: from penalty point to middle circle point, corners and both sides. With sufficient experience, you can take the moving "Ultimate Impossible Kick" challenge.

    Kicking tips:
    - Touch the screen to control the shoe
    - Kick harder (swing the shoe faster) the ball goes faster
    - Kick points
    * direct kick to ball center the ball goes straight
    * kick slightly off center the ball curves like a superstars kick
    * kick further away from center the ball curve like crazy
    - The app determine the angle of elevation to reach the goal

    Camera positions:
    - Kick position
    - Behind goal
    - Break cam view

    Shots library:
    - Store up to 9 kick shots

    To ensure your device works with the 3D engine, you can download and try the free "Curve Kick Junior" App, which uses the same 3D engine features.

    For unknown reason, many people step on the ball instead of kicking it like in the video. Make sure you do not commit the same mistake. Feel free to share your experience on facebook page and let us improve.

    *** A new Curve Ball Live Wallpaper app with improved graphics, shoot mode and responsive audience is now available ***
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