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    Being more than just a scorekeeper or scoreboard, DartPro aims to help you realize where your
    strengths and weaknesses are by graphing your efforts and analyzing your game through statistics
    so you can give them extra attention.
    When you practice, your average will be compared to your previous matches, pressuring you to do
    better than yesterday or last month. Legs and averages per month, Double checkout
    percentage, first 9 darts average; every aspect of your game will be monitored so you can get a clear understanding of what it is your game is lacking.

    DartPro comes packed with 11 tried-and-true games to help you master every key aspect of the game.
    Play the Double practice routines to get better at finishes, Cricket to get better at your covershots, or the various 501 games to practice the core of your game.
    If you're tired of playing by yourself, there's online and local 501 to play against friends or
    other DartPro users. Ten to play against different computer levels or 501 v. Me to play against
    your own saved games. All in all, Dartpro will make sure you keep on practicing, helping you
    become a master of darts.

    Single 501 - with finish suggestions, graphs, statistics and achievements
    Local 501 - play against friends or family and let DartPro do the math
    Online 501 - play online against friends or players on +DartPro
    n01 - choose your starting point, play 170 or Double In Double Out
    501 v. Me - play against yourself through your saved games
    Ten - play against different computer levels
    ShootOut - work on your stamina without those nasty doubles
    Single Cricket - get to know the most important numbers on the board
    Round The World - classic game to help you practice on your doubles
    Bob's 27 - an advanced doubles practice routine by Bob Anderson
    Finish Calculator - learn the preferred and pressure finishes or find alternatives

    After more than 500.000 downloads on windows, DartPro comes to Android!

    *Note that DartPro is especially made for steel tip darts

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