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    Published: 2013-08-02, by Manu Galvez.

    Fast Draw - Cowoby Shootout is a versus shooting game for fast-fingers

    • Excellent artwork
    • Runs smoothly
    • Two game modes: single and multiplayer (2players hot-seat)
    • Needs upgrades or something to make single mode more playable
    • Better on larger screens

    "The fastest in the West"

    The fastest shooting is the one who lives longest in the Far West. That's the premise in Fast Draw, a versus shooting game set in outstanding cartoonish graphics. It works this simple: your and your opponent are looking at each other on a side-view screen. Chambers start turning so fast, only one bullet per turn. Tap "fire" exactly when the bullet aligns with the chamber and the bullet will hit the opponent. If you misfire, then it's your opponent's turn, who can also miss. The goal is to make your opponent running out of lives before you do.

    Although there's a single mode, the keystone of this game is the multiplayer mode (2 players versus on the same device). You can play single mode to practice against CPU, however, what really makes the difference is challenging your friends to play versus duels. Since the "fire" button isn't too big, it's better playing it on large-screen devices, especially when playing against a friend on the same device.

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    Aug 02, 2013


    Quick Draw – Cowboy Shootout is a fun, quirky, quick-fire dueling game.

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    In the Wild West, everyone – outlaws, cowboys, policemen, farmers - all have guns. They settle things based on who can shoot the fastest.

    Two players face each other with a revolver in their hand. Each revolver has one bullet left. You pull the trigger right at the moment when the bullet is in the chamber. Only the strongest can survive at end.

    •Easy to learn and difficult to master
    •Two modes: Player vs Player or Player vs Robot
    •You can practice against the computer to master your skills in Player vs Robot mode
    •Play with your friends on any occasion for endless fun and excitement

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