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    Published: 2015-12-23, by .

    Fingerboard HD Skateboard lets you perform tricks and check your online score

    • Perfect on tablets
    • Rather lightweight
    • Online leaderboards
    • Need a large device

    "Perform tricks with your very own fingerboard"


    Giving you a mini TechDeck-like finger skateboard, Fingerboard HD Skateboard lets you pull off excellent skateboarding tricks right from your device, without having to risk recording yourself and having you skateboarding fails seen on YouTube. Providing a top down camera angle, you just choose and customize your fingerboard, and get started right away tapping to grind on a rail, or brake and turn.


    Tap controls are relatively easy to get used to. It’s also a quick download and install. There are also online leaderboards so you can compare your scores from top players around the world.


    Only one camera angle, and you can’t see where you’re going, so you’ll spend a lot of time hitting the walls. Turning your fingerboard is an absolute pain. Your device must be at least 800x480 to run this game.

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    Daniel Adrian Sanchez

    by Daniel Adrian Sanchez

    Dec 23, 2015


    Touch, grind, launch off ramps, and bust a wide variety of skateboard tricks. Compete against skaters from around the world in our online leader boards.

    Brought to you by the original developer of the first skateboarding games to hit the app store.

    Ride around in an immersed indoor 3D skate park. Gain experience and collect coins to unlock several new signature boards.

    Advance your skateboarding skills in the practice free skate mode. The first visit to this game mode will launch a tutorial to help you get started.

    Design and customize your very own skateboard using our in-game designer. Select from options to customize both your board and wheels. Be sure to show off your board to other skater's around the world on our facebook page.

    Fingerboard HD is an updated version of a skateboarding game we released a few years ago. In fact, one of the first skateboard games to hit the app market with close to 4 million downloads.

    • Realistic touch controls giving the skater full control of the board.
    • Grind rails, bust flips, varials, launch off ramps, endless trick combinations and possibilities.
    • Practice and advance your skateboarding abilities in practice mode.
    • Earn experience, collect coins, and unlock several signature completes (board, trucks, bearings, and wheels).
    • Optimized for the best skateboarding experience possible in high definition.

    You are the skater, place both fingers on the board to begin riding. Maneuver and bust tricks by swiping your fingerboard. Visit the in game directions for additional skateboard tips.

    Currently supporting android devices with a display of 800x480 or larger. This resolution is required to offer the best skateboarding game experience possible on a wide variety of devices. Prior experience skateboarding is not required but could be helpful.

    Be sure to checkout our other skateboard games!

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