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    Welcome to Flick Pool! A full screen, top-down pool game for your mobile or tablet!

    *** GAME FEATURES ***

    1. NO ADS!
    2. Flick the pool cue to shoot! (how fast you move the pool cue with your finger will determine the power of the shot)
    3. Full screen pool table. Unlock extra pool tables by completing the single player challenges.
    4. Customisable pool ball sets. Choose from "classic" (solids and stripes), "modern" (reds and yellows), or "stars and stripes".
    5. Customisable challenge ball sets. Choose from "stars", "smileys", "classic red", or "halloween" (NEW).
    6. Realistic pool ball and cushion physics. Watch as the pool ball "rattles" in jaws of the pocket.
    7. Play 8 ball, 9 ball, continuous play, and single player challenges.
    8. Simple intuitive controls. Switch back and forth between shooting and aiming modes by tapping anywhere on the pool table. Tap the cue ball whilst aiming or shooting to add pool ball spin.


    You don't need to hold the pool cue to move it, just swipe your finger across the screen in the direction the pool cue is pointing to shoot!
    You will get more accuracy the further away from the cue ball your finger is when aiming.
    Make good use of inverted aiming when the cue ball is near the edge of the pool table!

    *** GET IN TOUCH! ***

    Help to make Flick Pool even better by sending any bug reports / support / feature requests to We are committed to actively fixing any issues you encounter.

    Please also rate the game in the app store! We really appreciate your feedback!

    You can also follow us on Twitter (@dinobytestudios) where we will be posting details of what we're currently working on.

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