Fruit Ball Roll Catcher




    Catch it if you can! Grab the free falling colorful balls from the sliding sticks by moving the bucket right below these swift balls and score points. Try to snatch as many balls as you can, but watch out - catch the wrong balls and points will be deducted.

    How to play:

    − Concentrate on the balls sliding down from the bars .
    − Tap and move the bucket in both directions to catching various balls.
    − Catch the balls that increase your score only.
    − Catching the dangerous balls will deduct points.
    − Halloween ball will deduct 100 points, planet ball gives you a bonus 100 points ,basket ball gives you 50 points , chicken ball gives you 20 points, and smiley ball gives you 10 points.
    − Game will be over when the time is over.


    - Beautiful backgrounds with nature theme that keeps changing.
    - It has three timer options to choose from- 1,3,5 mins respectively.
    - Settings for switching the sounds off or on as per your wish.
    - High scores are maintained .
    - Mesmerizing graphics and great sound effects are used.
    - Settings for turning sounds and vibration on/off.

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