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    Do you like archery and so called bow and arrow games? Are you looking for archery games free? Have you always dreamed to become an archer? This archery game is for you. We know that archery hunting is also big fun, That is why we added this feature. You have to aim for the target but during shooting hit as much fruits as you can to get more points. This feature is called fruit shoot so you can have as much fun as real fruit ninja. This game was made especially for the Olimpics 2012 fans who are interested in archer game. The game contains 8 levels. The higher the level the more difficult it gets. We hope to satisfy all shooting game and arcade game fans. It contains plenty of fruits like watermelons, bananas, apples and much more.

    Rules :
    If you are a Bow Man you know how to play and if you are watching olimpic games archery it will be easier. But for the ones who are not the Bow Man this is the game description:
    1) When you start the game you can see the archer with bow and arrows. Localize the target on the Olimpics 2012 stadium. Like in all classic archery you first have to find the target. We added scroll button to see all the stadium. Bow hunting - there are many possible ways to reach the target. The best one is the one with the most fruits on the way.
    When you choose the way you are ready to take a fruit shot.
    2) You take the arrow with your finger, Now you can manipulate the bow angle. By stretching bow and arrow you can increase the arrow start speed. After releasig the finger the fruit shoot is on.
    3) Online scores with Scoreloop (free of charge).
    4) Created with the libgdx game framework.

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