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    Play this game with your friends and you won’t believe it how much fun you’ll have.

    Bored of all the things you and your friends usually do?

    Truth or Dare is probably one of the most popular teen party games ever. Everybody plays it and it is impossible not to have fun with it. Easy to play, all you need is unlimited imagination and a tint of courage. No matter if it is a birthday party you’re playing it at or just a simple hangout, it will always bring uncontrollable laughter.

    ‘HAHAHAH LOL LOL, played it last night with my friends and I’m still laughing’- Matt H.

    This App will help you and your friends have more fun than never. Just get them together at your house, search for some (non-alcoholic) cocktail recipes and start the fun. This will not be forgotten very soon, you can rest assured!

    Shake it and then dare them to be brave, to be honest. This game will bring you and your friends so much closer! You’ll find out things you had never even thought of asking with our set of truth or party dares. Just try them out.

    Tired of being bored and tired? Well, boredom is proved to be a curable disease. How? Well, a couple of buddies and something nice to do and you’ve got your healthy self back. Get them all together and throw the best truth or dare party they’ve ever seen. Because games like truth or dare bring you together in ways you didn’t even imagine…

    Do you want to know how to be popular in high school? Nothing easier! People tend to like to be around funny people. Remember that class clown, who always makes jokes and has a set of pranks in his pocket? You could replace him! Just send some party invitations, get people at your house and shake your phone to get the fun turned on.

    Everybody loves a good laughter. But sometimes you run out of fun ideas. Hanging out and drinking soda is now past time! Anywhere, anytime, just take your smartphone out of the pocket, shake it and then listen to the music of laughter.

    Friendship is the most amazing thing. Not only you can have fun with your friends, you can find support in them. Friendship bracelets and friendship poems are great to say thank you. But nothing says thank you like trusting everything in your friends. This is why truth or dare is a game that will not only make you burst out in roars of laughter, but it will get you closer to each other. What happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas and what happens at a Truth or Dare game, stays with the people who are playing it.

    Learn how make friends in seconds. The secret? Be a funny person! How to be funny? Well, with this app you’ll win anyone’s heart and laughter. Everyone will love you for having offered them the opportunity to have the time of their lives. It is time to get serious about having fun. Books and studying are very important for your future, but the human being needs to socialize. Humans ARE social animals, no matter what they say.

    Good jokes are always those that are related to someone in the room. After a truth or dare game, every joke will be a good one, because you’ll know everyone has done stupid things, said stupid things and revealed dark secrets. But this is the whole point with Truth or Dare: it’s dangerous enough to get the adrenaline boost you need but not dangerous enough to destroy your life or career.

    Play this game with your friends and you’ll have plenty of funny stories to tell 10 years from now. ‘Hey, remember when I danced with that fire extinguisher and unlocked it by accident while the teacher was just walking in the classroom?’

    Download now and get ready to laugh. And then laugh some more! Download and be the fun starter!

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