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    NaturalMotion Games, the makers of the million-selling hit Backbreaker Football, are proud to present: ICEBREAKER HOCKEY! Crushing checks, slick moves, and super-addictive gameplay combine to create an experience that redefines action on the rink!

    Deke and spin your way towards the goal, dodging and skating past players on a mission to take you down. If you make it through, it's time to face the GOALTENDER: taunt him with your SHOWBOATING skills, and charge up a SUPER-SHOT to show him who's boss!

    Developed by Digital Legends Entertainment.

    Developed by Digital Legends, Icebreaker Hockey pulls out all the stops in high-end Android gaming: smooth, life-like skating based on motion capture data from professional ice hockey players; crushing sidewall checks and takedowns powered by NaturalMotion's endorphin simulation technology; advanced OpenGL ES 2.0 techniques (such as mirror ice reflections) for stunning graphics.

    SKATE down the rink using the accelerometer. SPIN and DEKE past opposing players for extra points. SPRINT to storm forwards, or perform a HARD STOP to send your enemies into the wall. Press the SHOWBOAT button to really rack up the points, and finish it all off nicely with a charged-up SUPER SHOT. The goaltender won't know what hit him.

    Icebreaker Hockey is packed with content:
    CHALLENGE MODE introduces 50 original waves divided into 10 ever-tougher challenges.
    ENDURANCE MODE lets you test your skills and stamina in a non-stop sequence of ever tougher waves. How far can you go?
    Eight ORIGINAL TEAMS let you choose your favourite colours and looks.

    Icebreaker Hockey features online leaderboards, so you can see how you measure up against your friends and the world. And with seamless Facebook integration, sharing your latest achievements with your friends is easier than ever.

    42 unique achievements are waiting to be conquered, along with many unlockable items!

    Choose your team and stick your name on the jersey!

    Icebreaker Hockey is pure, adrenaline filled fun. Whether you like quick bursts of action or want to dive deep with hours of gameplay, Icebreaker Hockey is for you!


    Xperia PLAY optimisations.


    Use the power of the Xperia Play controls to make the most of Icebreaker's amazing gameplay.

    Up: Speed Burst
    L/R: Spin Left/Right
    Triangle: Showboat/Shoot
    Circle: Deke Right
    Square: Deke Left
    X: Hardstop

    Turn the Accelerometer Off in the Options menu to enable turning with the Left and Right keys.


    Backbreaker 2, JENGA, Backbreaker Football & NFL Rivals – Out now on Google Play!

    • If you get a license failure after purchasing the game, this may be because the purchase takes some time to be recorded on the Google license server. It will resolve within a few hours.
    •If you are having issues installing the game, please try:
    Un-mounting the SD card before installing the app; or
    On Android OS lower than 4.0:
    Clearing the Android Market cache (Settings-> Applications-> Manage Applications-> Market-> Clear Data + Clear Cache)
    On Android OS 4.0 or higher:
    Clearing the Google Play cache (Settings-> Applications-> Manage Applications-> Google Play-> Clear Data + Clear Cache)
    These will solve most issues with low memory errors and incompatible device messages.
    • If you encounter any serious problems, try uninstalling and re-installing the game.
    Note: This will cause any progress not backed up on our servers to be lost.

    ** If you are experiencing other problems please visit **

    Twitter: @nmgames

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