Let's Play Mountain Golf




    Let's play Golf 3D in stunning Par golf courses surrounded with beautiful mountain scenes
    It's easy to play, but a real challenge to master. You’ll be totally addicted to the numerous game play; just power-up and shoot...
    By playing this simulation you will feel like playing real Golf... select golf club's, rotate complete 360 angles to view the golf hole, set ball pointer and hit desire shots...

    PAR Plays...
    The game includes 3 Par Plays course:

    1) Par 3 Play (1 Tee Shot + 2 Putts)
    2) Par 4 Play (2 Tee Shot + 2 Putts)
    3) Par 5 Play (3 Tee Shot + 2 Putts)

    Golf Clubs...
    There are 4 Golf Clubs in the game:
    1) Wood Club (To hit long Shots)
    2) Iron Club (To hit medium Shots)
    3) Putter (To hole ball)
    4) Sand Wedge (To wedge ball out from sand bunker)

    How to Play:
    • Drag Screen Right/Left to position ball towards the flag
    • Select Golf Club
    • Set ball pointer to hit desired shot
    • To power up... click & hold the HIT button; & release to play shot

    Game Features:
    - FREE to PLAY!
    - Realistic physics and ball movement
    - Real Game Scoring
    - User friendly navigation
    - The lush 3D visuals are great on the eye
    - Shots are limited to play
    - Random shot locations on each Par Play
    - Play all rounds to become Golf Champion

    Let's play real Golf, become a Golf master, be a golf start and be a champ.

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