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    The Art of Self-Defense?
    Discover the world of Martial Arts!
    Totally free for Android!

    You can learn Chinese Kung Fu through this game.
    Download this once and enjoy it forever!

    There are basically 3 kinds of Kung Fu in China, including powerful foece, speed fist and hit accurate Kung Fu.
    There are also many a Kung Fu in each kind type for you to have a try.
    Select one type and one Kung FU, you can get its instruction and learn how to use it as your weapon.
    After your training, you can also get your scores.

    Want to know how your Kung Fu is?
    Join us to have fun!

    1. Powerful Force
    Powerful Force may provide you several Chinese force Kung Fu based on human power.
    The principal is that human muscle force quickly to make the body produce apparent moves.
    In this way, you can get great acceleration and produce great physical damage after hitting objects.

    In this part, you can get access to IRON PALM, DRAGON PALM and BEAT DOG METHOD and so on.

    a. As soon as training starts, you should hold your mobile phone as a weapon. Try your best to wave it in any direction to make it get the maximum acceleration.
    b. When your mobile phone reaches the maximum acceleration, you need press the reducing volume key quickly.
    The bigger the acceleration is, the higher the score is!

    2. Speed Fist
    Speed Fist emphasizes fast, requirement of physical agility and quick response, to make body be affected as small as possible by inertia and change directions in the high-speed motion.

    You can get access to SHADOWLESS KICK, HIGH SPEED FOOT and HANS FIGHT and so on.

    a. After your starting with your training part, press the reducing volume key to start time.
    b. Then wave your mobile phone constantly. Make sure that the acceleration not be too small.
    c. In a certain period of time, the more times you wave, the higher score you'll get.

    3. Hit Accurate
    Hit Accurate mainly use hidden weapon to achieve a surprise attack. Power and accuracy must have at the same time.
    When the weapon is thrown out, its speed direction must be parallel to its longitudinal axis, and the speed in the other direction must be very small.

    Get a chance to have a try with ICE NEEDLE, DEATH CUSEGOLD COIN DART and WISHFUL BEAD and so on.

    a. Throw the mobile phone out along the longitudinal direction, as far as possible to ensure the mobile phone acceleration direction gets along the longitudinal axis of your mobile phone.
    Careful! It is not really throw, only imitate this action.
    b. When your mobile phone reaches the maximum acceleration, you need press the reducing volume key quickly.
    The quicker the acceleration is and the slower the other direction's acceleration is, the higher your score is!

    Having seen so many movies about Kung Fu, don’t you think it is so cool to fight using Kung FU?
    How about becoming a cool man with our mobile phone?

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    Chinese martial arts training may consist of the following component: basics, forms, applications and weapons. Different styles place varying emphasis on each component.

    The Basics are a vital part of any martial training, as a student will not progress to the more advanced stages without them. Basics can be usually make up of rudimentary techniques, conditioning exercises, including stances. Basic training may involve simple movements that are performed repeatedly.

    Most Chinese styles can also make use of training in the broad arsenal of Chinese weapons for conditioning the body as well as coordination and strategy drills. Weapons training can also be generally carried out after the student is proficient in the basics, forms and applications training. The process of weapon training proceeds with forms, forms with partners and then applications.

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