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    There is no need bigger than the need for speed! The thrill, the adrenaline rush and the sense of freedom one feels cannot be easily put in words. Alas, one cannot experience all of those in the real world on account of bad traffic, broken roads and the cars we always wanted to own but never could. Sigh! And that’s why we bring City Drag Racing to you…

    # All Cool Features Packed In One Game
    • 3D game with stunning HD graphics
    • Inspired by real Physics
    • Stunning car garage with rotating camera to give full view
    • Buy and Sell cars
    • Place bets on car racing and win
    • Aspire to get on the leaderboard and compete with friends
    • Unlock new, improved cars with every win
    • Runs equally well on low-end devices like
    • Mega-addictive, petrolheads can never have enough
    • City Drag Racing is a free game

    Easily the most popular 3D drag race concept game in the Android world, City Drag Racing promises to give you a better than real time highway racing experience. Your superhot agent Christina aka Christie guides you along the ultimate racing challenge of your life. As you accelerate your Chevy Camaro or McLaren or Lamborghini or Porsche (yes, all your dream cars are here!) to full throttle on the highway, you feel the rush of being a road warrior like how!
    If you liked the taste of asphalt racing, you will just love City Drag Racing. It’s your car against theirs. It’s about speed, car control and right gear shifts. Once you have all that sorted, just vroooooooooom away to victory.

    # Endless Cars To Pick From
    The impressive lineup at City Drag Racing understands your passion for sports and hyper cars. Go for a spin in a Pontiac Firebird, Chevy Camaro, Porsche GT100 or McLaren MP4-12C, Lamboghrini Murcielago from the grand collection. This game has almost every sports car you wanted to drive. The stunning movie-style car garage with a rotating camera offers a full view of the cars.

    # Real Car Racing Experience
    No other car racing game lets you enjoy the thrills of a real race in brilliant 3D graphics. And if you thought racing on a defined path were easy, think again. It takes great skills to perfect the balance between shifting gears and maneuvering around other participating cars. So, do you have it in you?

    # Bring On The Competition
    What’s a race without some kick-ass competition? The racing championship in this drag race tests the road warrior in you. Easy log in through Google+ allows you to flaunt your scores and take car racing to the next level of competition.

    1. Updating
    - All the moolah you make and the cars you buy are saved on your phone. NEVER uninstall the game before updating otherwise you can lose everything you have acquired in City Drag Racing. Information on the leaderboard and achievements are stored with Google Play Services.

    2. Racing
    - Launch and shift when the dashboard indicator shows maximum RPM. Or "Shift Now" text appears on the screen.
    - Don't shift down the gears when you are going at high speed else the car will skid.
    - Once you master the art of car driving, ignore the lights and figure out your very own winning strategy

    2. Cars and upgrades
    - The more expensive your car, tougher the competition you'll face offline as well as online
    - Buy cars just under your level cap to earn an advantage because you need some money for betting as well.
    - You can earn money when not playing the game. Working at the Garage or Kitchen can earn you some extra bucks that will come very handy.

    3. Game modes and winnings
    - Defeat bosses and unlock achievements for extra RP
    - Go online and race against others to earn maximum cash/RP (Coming Soon)
    - Be the ‘undefeatable first’ on the Leaderboard Ranking. You can see yourself on weekly and global ranks.

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