Office Mini Golf

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    Use your own putter and golf ball just like a real game of golf... it's that simple!
    The must-have mini golf game app for any Golf Enthusiast!
    (Not yet ready for tablets or 1280dpi phones)

    1. Simply place your phone on the ground and hit "Play".
    (Using a kickstand is recommended, but not necessary).

    2. It is best to press "New Hole" while the phone is resting on the ground- this reduces the chance of accidentally triggering golf ball play.

    3. Once a hole has been played, you will be given the option to play a new hole or to quit the game.
    (To quit out of the game completely, simply hit your return arrow or home button.)

    4. There is a built in 3 second delay between each new hole to allow you time to set up the shot.
    (If you go beyond this time limit and accidentally activate the ball, simply press "new hole" to reset.)

    Audio Settings:

    1. You can turn on or off the crowd cheers in the settings tab.

    Tips to get the best performance while playing.

    1. Works best using the phone's built-in kickstand.
    (If you phone does not come with a kickstand, it is recommended to prop the phone up against another object to get a better view, but not required.)

    2. The success of the shot is determined by the Strength and Accuracy of your putt.

    3. Works best on harder surfaces- soft surfaces may result in environmental vibrations triggering the ball into play.

    4. If you hit the phone & nothing happens, simply pick the phone & give it a gentle shake to reset the sensors, then hit "new hole".

    5. Recommended for Phones with Gorilla Glass. This is a putting game of skill & finesse, and not intended for hard drives.

    I-Droid is not responsible if you break your phone by playing too rough or irresponsibly.

    People who like Golf Putting Pro may also be interested in a Golf Game, mini golf games, Office Golf or even Practice Putting. This was inspired by me & my friends playing put put in our backyard.

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