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    Pumped: BMX's review

    Published: 2012-12-24, by Manu Galvez.

    Pumped: BMX is a hilarious trick-based cycling game

    • HD artwork graphics
    • Amount of levels and challenges
    • Intuitive controls (both screenpad and tilt-controlled)
    • No online leaderboards
    • Lag on some low/medium-end devices


    Pumped: BMX is a game for those who are really into air flips, stunning tricks and impossible challenges. A game that leaves no one indifferent. Let's focus on it.

    First off, gameplay. The goal in Pumped: BMX is beating over 100 different tricks-based challenges and get the maximum score as possible in each of them. For achieving so, you have to pay attention to the briefing just before the level starts and do what you are expected to. Actually you can perform extra tricks, but the one you've been asked to must be completed perfectly. More tricks mean higher score and, in the end, more stars. Those stars are needed to unlock levels. Actually, the game is divided in four environments (plus tutorial): Backyard, farm, desert and big city. All of them require a given number of stars to unlock it.

    Pumped: BMX is set in well-crafted HD artwork dressed with great SFX music. No complaints regarding physics of the game, quite realistic. Only two catches noticed. First off, we're missing online leaderboards where to submit scores and, secondly, the game can run little laggy on some low/medium-end devices.

    Despite of that, this is one of those addictive games you can't stop playing until you beat it all. A great one.

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    by Emmanuel , Appszoom

    Dec 24, 2012


    Made by a BMXer for everyone who loves a challenge, Pumped: BMX is a true-to-life, insanely addictive and challenging BMX game created by someone who actually rides! If you're not a BMXer the tutorials will guide you, but prepare yourself for a brutal lesson in trails style! From huge jumps to technical lines, from insane stunts to stylish flow, Pumped lets you ride the way you want to ride.

    • Brand new gameplay - totally unique!
    • Incredible controls - as close as you can get to real BMX!
    • Over 100 challenges
    • real tricks, 1000s of combos
    • Outstanding physics simulation - true to life trails riding!
    • Stunning HD artwork

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