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    Be smart. Quote!

    Do you feel that a smile could get you through the day easier?

    Although a smile is supposed to be the easiest thing in the world, this world we live in, has made it practically impossible for us to engage it freely. Facts in everyday life don’t create the circumstances necessary for this little movement of lips. So we have to find our own methods in order to achieve it. This app provides the tools to create a smile.

    “I never thought that a quote could be fun. Thanks for proving me wrong!”- Jun T.

    There’s a quote for this.
    • Choose a brainy quote from a variety of carefully selected sayings about life.
    • Take a visit to Happy Land with a simple twist of the wrist

    Be contagious. Smile.
    • When everything else fails, a great quote succeeds.
    • Little sparkles of happiness will light up your day.

    Living in the 21st century, should be a festivity. Technology and medical breakthroughs should have made our life easier and healthier. Our problems and concerns should be solved and appeased with a push of a button. And yet, none of this mirrors reality. Technology has made our life more complicated and medical breakthroughs need a highly financial statue in order to be practiced. New problems and concerns are added to the ones already existing. There is not much room left for enjoying out time on earth, even in the simplest form of a smile.
    This app was formed in order to remind you the mere simplicity of smiling. The words of wisdom it contains, will refresh your spirit and extract your sense of fun from the deep ends you have hidden it in.
    The family quotes in it, will remind you of all the silly things your children do at home and relaxing feelings will comfort your troubled mind.
    Leadership quotes will help you minimize the tension at a difficult staff meeting, or a meeting with a new client who is still skeptic and hesitant to your intentions.

    Life quotes, inspirational quotes, friendship quotes, marriage quotes. These and many other, are included in this amazing app. You name it, we have it. Short sayings, reachable with a shake of your mobile phone, ready to cause you a smile, even if you don’t plan on it. At work, in home, on the road, in the train. Anywhere you need a small dose of happiness. You choose the place and we provide you with the means.

    Quotation is a form of art. Not everyone can achieve it successfully. And the ones who can, don’t always have the time to devote on it. Quotes are ideas stemming out of witty, imaginative minds who express their experience on every-day situations. A shared journey of wisdom and humor directed to the illusive Land of Happy Thoughts. We all hide a Peter Pan inside us. If happy thoughts made him fly, who knows what they can do for you!

    Everybody uses quotes. Famous people of all genres and specialties have actually created some of the most priceless ones. Great quotes can be used in birthday cards, in love letters, in sms you send to your loved ones. You see them in bars’ restrooms, on buildings’ walls as graffiti. You hear them in television commercials, in business seminars, even in church. They are being used in politics, in literature, in the movies. Cool quotes are short summaries of the meaning of life. The best quotes are the ones that stick in your mind and you never forget them. Great inspirational quotes can become a chance to immortality for the one who creates them.

    Quotes can make you smile, even laugh. They can make you think or re-think. This app gives you the choice of what to make of them. You will wander inside a vast range of selections and choose the ones you need, for the purpose you need it. Either it is just to simply have fun, or use them for a special occasion, like an anniversary.

    Download now and take the quote of the day.
    Download now and be the quote of the day!

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