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    Published: 2013-10-30, by Janel.

    Throw your phone in the air as high as you can and catch it. No, we're not actually advising you to do this.

    • The adrenaline doesn't get more real than this
    • Global, local, and FB leaderboards
    • Scary warning-label graphics
    • Accurate accelerometer readings
    • I can't come up with any possible negatives that could result from playing this game, can you?

    "Wrong practice = wrong results!"

    The accelerometer within your device is useful in so many ways. One of them is to measure how far you can launch it into the air. That's right, there's an app for that, aptly entitled Send Me To Heaven (S.M.T.H.).

    Pick a nick and walk through the tutorial. Step 1: throw your device in the air as high as you can and catch it. That's it.

    The accelerometer will measure exactly how high you dared to toss your device, and you'll be invited to take a look at the leaderboards, both regional and international. You can even check against your Facebook friends, which I can see quickly devolving into systematic pandemonium.

    You'll have to tap through a couple "at my own risk" screens every time you make an attempt, just to remind yourself that you're an absolute nitwit, one who's about to take a flying leap at internet notoriety.

    Has there ever been an app that more immediately released sweet, sweet adrenaline? Has reality ever been so augmented? Carrot Pop's S.M.T.H. is nothing short of brilliant madness, a Pandora's Box of an invitation.

    I highly recommend downloading this app just to gawk at it. Don't ever play it. That's my official line. See you on the leaderboards.

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    by Janel , Appszoom

    Oct 30, 2013



    S.M.T.H. (Send Me To Heaven) is a sport game. Player throws his phone as high as he can. The higher, the better. The phone registers the height and uploads result to leader boards. World Top 10, Week Top 10, Day Top 10, Local Top 10 (national) and Facebook Friends lists are available.

    The game can be dangerous. Be careful not to injure yourself or others. Be always aware that there is enough space above you and around you.

    Throwing a smartphone high into the air may result in both damage to the smartphone, property and/or personal injury. Author and distributor of S.M.T.H. is not liable for any damages or injuries arising out of playing the S.M.T.H. game.

    Avoid rotations in the air. Rotating phones can give wrong results. Every phone is different, so it needs a different treatment. Start to throw your phone gently about 20 cm, find the way which works for you and increase the height gradually. Developing skills is the part of the game!

    Q: I want to change my nickname. How?
    A: Uninstall S.M.T.H. App and install it again. You will be asked to pick your name again.

    Q: Results are not precise. Why?
    A: The app measures the distance from hand to the highest point achieved - not from ground! Also, if the phone rotates in the air results are not accurate.

    Q: How can somebody toss the phone over 40 meters?
    A: I received some photographs. I don't want to publish them as I wouldn't recommend to anyone to try that. It's not a safe practice.

    Q: I keep getting result 0 meters even if I toss my phone high. Why?
    A: Evey type of phone behaves differently as sensors are differently implemented. In most cases the problem is caused by rotations in air.
    Be sure that S.M.T.H. is the only App running on your phone. Place your phone on your palm, screen up. SLOWLY move your hand down. STOP for a moment. SMOOTHLY throw your phone up in air about 50 cm from your hand, avoiding any rotation. Let it land on your palm, screen still UP. Increase the height gradually.
    Learn proper skills. Master your tool. Become a champion!

    Post photos and videos of your attempts:

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