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    Ramp up the action in this fast paced strategic arcade motorcycle bonanza today! Download Stuntman Sam and put up one ramp after another, getting Sam’s motor bike across the finish-line and high enough to collect valuable coins without letting fall into oblivion right now!

    Created with the assistance of NSW Trade and Investment, Stuntman Sam is an addicting arcade racing experience that turns the genre on its end. Gamers don’t control Stuntman Sam, they make the path he needs to take to get there - one ramp and jump at a time! Players score points by collecting coins, and the higher they can get Stuntman Sam to go before the end of his run the more coin bundles they’ll be about to reach. Stuntman Sam features one awesome level, plus 3 more bonus levels to unlock - complete with unique settings and diverse locations.

    Straightforward gameplay and responsive controls ensure that anyone can pick up and enjoy Stuntman Sam in seconds, while strategic, mentally engaging gameplay guarantees they’ll be glued to their iPhone’s for hours! Each level provides players with 3 unique ramps to choose from - a jump, a landing ramp, and a flat plank. Once Sam starts driving players must throw up one ramp after another in front of him to keep him going and get him high enough to get to as many coins as they can! If players collect enough coins to get Silver and Gold medals in a course, they’re rewarded with access to “Turbo Boost”, an extra white knuckle bonus mini-game too!

    Stuntman Sam is a well polished mobile gaming experience. Suitable for everyone ages 10 or older, the game features a powerful Physics engine, smooth colorful graphics, and a totally new spin on mobile gaming!

    What are you waiting for? Get ready, get strategic, ramp up the action and let your wild side loose with Stuntman Sam on iOS!

    Awesome challenging strategic mobile action!
    3 Bonus unlockable levels to play through.
    Powerful in-game physics engine.
    Bonus unlockable “Turbo Boost” mini-game.
    Family friendly gaming entertainment.
    Colorful, professionally designed cartoon graphics.

    Stuntman Sam is developed by Dinoroar Interactive @

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