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    Published: 2011-09-26, by Peter Warrior.

    A smart fantasy golf game.

    • Incredible fun
    • Easy to learn and play
    • Graphics and sound

    "Beauty is in the eye of the player"

    Here it is an easy golf game where you choose the angle and the strength and let laws of physics do their work. Your main goal is to hit the ball into a hole using the fewest number of strokes. By the way there are power items that allow you to take an other hit if your first was awful, sticky balls attachable to walls and so on. Courses challenge reason and defy boredom as much as anything else. In addition, there are nearly three hundred holes ready to be played, providing hours and hours of fun. Overall, a wonderful game, love at first sight.

    Super Stickman Golf is just one powerful and concrete demonstration that something simple yet well thought-out can be not only a hit, but also an example for other to follow. In a time when what is important is addictiveness and gameplay, this game would stand out by itself. If this game had been launched years ago we'd talking about it as we use to talk about Nokia's Snake. Without any doubt, it's a great game that deserves a go, 25Mb of storage and much more, but we would like that it wasn't so simple. Perhaps a lot of people don't care, but those of you who have a top-notch device definitively appreciate some kind of graphics beyond stickmen and CGA landscapes. We won't trade its wonderful gameplay for better graphics, but it may be too retro to some users.

    Noodlecake Studios Inc enter into the Androidverse with this safe bet. Check it out.

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    by Peter , Appszoom

    Sep 26, 2011


    "Super Stickman Golf is my new Angry Birds!" -MTV

    "One of my favorite games of all-time!" -Toucharcade

    "It's is a total winner. Once you play it you’ll be hooked." -Slapapp

    "A smash hit physics-based puzzle game with a golf mechanic" -Appadvice

    The mobile gaming sensation is now available for android! Get it now while it's FREE!

    Super Stickman Golf is no ordinary game.. it's actually an award winning physics puzzler! Swing your way through over 280 unique holes. Use all your special abilities to help you par the courses including sticky balls, ice balls, air brakes, and nitro balls! Have you ever wanted to stick your shots on walls and ceilings? Have you ever wanted to freeze those pesky water hazards? Ever wanted to stop your shot in mid-air? Well now you can..

    - 7 unlockable super clubs!
    - Over 280 unique holes!
    - OpenFeint online leaderboards.
    - Amazing HD graphics
    - Integrated OpenFeint Achievements.
    - New crazy obstacles. Conveyor belts anyone??
    - 8-bit chiptune game soundtrack!

    At Noodlecake Studios we focus on making fun games that actually don't suck. If you appreciate what we do and like our game, please give our game a positive review as we really do appreciate it.

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