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    This is an attack-defense game themed by soccer and zombie, which tells a story that human beings face the threat of zombies again!
    The survivors live in the city full of zombies … …
    As one of the survivors, the hero of this game was attacked by zombies when he was looking for food.
    But after beating the zombie he got a very important item – soccer!
    The hero was a soccer player. That was his dream!
    Now, he can kill all the zombies if he has soccer!
    Zombie Soccer just changes the plants of Plants vs. Zombies into soccer! But it satisfies the attention and need of the football fans during the World Cup. So it is so popular and welcome! And Zombie Soccer is added into human elements, which makes players feel more realistic!
    The game play about this game is mainly touch-screen control, and there is gravity sensor as well. Tap and hold the screen to get ready; tap and hold the screen and slide up and down at the same time to adjust the angle. If you want to kick the ball again you have to wait the ball come back; so you need pay attention to the distance between you and your target. Each kind of zombies has different characteristics and weaknesses: some are slow while some are fast; some are stronger, so you need kick them more than once; some are able to attack you even though you have kicked its head off; some special zombies are only able to be killed when you hit the certain body part, such as head, legs and so on.

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