Snoopy Tennis




    Snoopy Tennis is a tribute to the brilliant little hand held game made by Nintendo in the early 1980's and also a tribute to the Peanuts comic strip created by Charles M. Schulz which was so popular from 1950 onwards ----
    Snoopy Tennis kept my girls amused for ages. They are now in their late 30's and have moved on, but the simple games such as this are the best. No complicated instructions just simple game play.
    I just had to program this little gem, forgive me!

    Move Snoopy up and down the tree and try to bat the ball back to Charlie Brown.
    Watch out for Lucy, she can bat a mean ball.
    This game is completely free with no "in app" adds to distract you from your game play.
    There are no extra costs involved either, so parents relax!

    Just ENJOY! Geoff Newton.
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