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    Published: 2014-04-09, by .

    Glide over mountains and perform air tricks.

    • 3D graphics and environments
    • 10 unlockable levels
    • 2 different game modes
    • Original game concept
    • Tilt contros
    • Needs more different game modes
    • Playability might be enhanced

    "Soar through the sky"

    Autonoma Software's Wingsuit is a free riding flying game featuring an adventurous wingsuiter willing to empty jump.

    There are basically two different game modes: Freestyle and Campaign. In "Freestyle" you must perform air tricks to score as higher as you can before the wind stops you. Campaign features three difficulty modes (easy, medium, hard) and the goal is basically get to the goal through the checkpoints. Both score and checkpoints count to unlock new levels. There are up to 10 unlockable levels.

    Wingsuit is set in well-crafted 3D graphics. The game is neat and polished and runs smoothly even on medium-end devices. However, it can gets boring after a while. It needs a more frantic game pace, different game modes (races against NPC, grab items next to the ground,...) and more challenging levels (gaps, caves...). That would enhance its playability.

    Regardless, a relaxing yet entertaining game for those who love soaring through the sky.

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    Apr 09, 2014


    I want to say thanks to everyone who has played and downloaded the game - we are now over 8,000 5-star reviews!

    Now supports Google Play Leaderboards!

    Feel the rush of Wingsuit BASE jumping and proximity flying with The Proximity Project. The closer and faster you fly to the cliff the more points you score, and the more points you score the more levels and wingsuits you unlock! There are 10 different mountains to explore and conquer, with over 20 distinct courses to master.

    The Proximity Project uses a very sophisticated physics engine to deliver the most realistic flight possible - THIS IS NOT AN EASY GAME!!! If you're looking for something easy, I suggest Angry Birds - if you're looking for a game that challenges you and rewards your efforts - The Proximity Project IS IT!

    An "Easy Fly" setting is now available in the Settings menu. This makes the game a lot easier, but limits the types of tricks you can perform and your maneuverability. This is like flying with training wheels on - if you want the full experience, practice and get good with the default settings!

    This game is ad supported and ads can be removed for a small in-app purchase. Also when first opened most levels are locked - you can unlock *everything* in the game without paying any money. To do that you must score a certain number of points on each level. To see how many points a level takes to unlock, and which levels you must complete to do it, simply tap on the level. If you do not want to spend the time flying and earning the levels, you can unlock it all for another small in-app purchase.

    TIP: On the "Short Cut" level, don't take the short cut! Fly to the left or right and stay low!

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