Anger B.C. TD




    Anger B.C. TD is a strategy game with cool 3D scenes, HD graphics.

    The game is about heroes leading warriors to protect the precious stone, and fighting with evil monster.

    Get Anger B.C. TD now and lose yourself in a unique and beautiful world. Use heroes, warriors, magic powers and obviously your tactical skills and the wisdom to defend and protect the precious stone.

    After the Maker created a scintillating world, he molded the Relic that helped keep the world's balance. His children were tasked with the safekeeping of this treasure; that it would never leave the temple, or the world's balance would be shattered.

    Legends have it that the Relic was not only capable of maintaining balance, but bestowed its owner with great power as well.

    For eons, forces of avarice have coveted this power for themselves, but the Maker's people have held their ground time and again as valiant Guardians, also the lifeforce of the Maker.

    After an era of peace, the Guardians once again feel the stirrings of those who would usurp the Relic's power. Weapons in hand, they would staunchly defend the line against the moment where their mettle is tested...

    The legend states that the Maker's Relic was stashed in a temple. This forsaken place could only be reached by traversing treacherous gullies and frosty glaciers. Undaunted, the forces of avarice begin their journey through the gullies, preparing for the next battle...

    ★ Completely new experience in mobile video games!
    ★ Beautiful 3D environments & HD Graphics!
    ★ Three heroes, each one has different magic power
    ★ Eight towers (Savage, Hunter, Slinger and so on )
    ★ Twenty different maps
    ★ Two game modes: Challenge and Endless

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