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    Published: 2014-03-05, by Peter Warrior.

    An original battle game

    • Free, no ads, no IAPs
    • Two players, one device mode
    • Great use of pixelated artwork
    • Overall, no complaints.

    "8bit battle royal"

    Now that everything points to retro gaming isn't a craze that came and went, but rather came to stay for a while, here's Bitbattle, which not only will delight pixel art lovers, but also entertain us with an original -and explosive- new twist to the active-defense genre.

    In Bit Battle there aren't mana points nor gold coins whatsoever. You can invoke and assign a lane to every one of your available units as soon as their timer reaches zero. Of course, every unit has unique characteristics to interact with enemies: ones are cheap and can be spawned often, others are rarer but can affect an area or even summon a riot to sweep three lanes at once.

    Artwork is lovely and colorful. Special mention deserves fire, smoke and other "special effects". Gameplay is easy to get the hang of but becomes tricky at higher difficulties. Lastly, the two players at once is a cherry on the top, let alone the free, no ads, no in-app purchases we can only fall in love with.

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    Peter Appszoom logo

    by Peter , Appszoom

    Mar 05, 2014


    BitBattle is a simple retro-styled, multi-themed, fast-paced arcade game. Pick among the 2 + 8 unlockable armies composed each one of 5 unique units and conquer the battlefield to defeat your enemy.

    100% free, guaranteed: no ads, no trick, a full game for you.

    Featuring 12 wonderful chiptune songs made by collaborators. Oh! and 2 players mode in the same device!

    Get ready for lots of crazy & colorful battles.
    Get ready for some pixelated action.
    Get ready for BitBattle.

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