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    Published: 2013-10-02, by Peter Warrior.

    A tactical match 3 game

    • Awesome gameplay
    • Over average animations and graphics
    • Fun, free
    • No online multiplaying

    "Bejeweled T-Rex"

    Well, as Cavemania is about cavemen AND dinosaurs, it might well be considered a creationist game, shouldn't it? Whatever, what it's for sure is an overly enhanced version of Columns or any other match-three-of-a-kind game. Likewise, the huge array of animations and game tweaks -including power-ups and upgrades- make of it something replayable almost to infinite.

    Therefore, casual gamers, heed my advice and install this, because save a very few games (and likely from Japanese and Korean markets) you won't find a better game in the genre, or at least none where skill mix so well with tactics without becoming a too brainer game.

    Absolutely recommended, and it would get a higher score if there was real time multiplaying.

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    by Peter , Appszoom

    Oct 02, 2013


    Cavemania is a match-3 game with strategy… and dinosaurs!

    • Enjoy endlessly challenging and re-playable missions!
    • Compete with friends to see who will go down in prehistory via Facebook and Twitter!
    • Help the Chieftain reunite his scattered tribe while battling fearsome Stone Age foes.
    • Evolve your Tribe. Win levels to unlock a bevy of upgradable units and buildings. Explore multiple paths to victory depending on the units and buildings you choose to use.
    • BONK AND SMASH! Unleash your tribe’s powerful special abilities. Send a Sabertooth flying with the Warrior’s Bonk. Stun a snarling T-Rex with your Slinger. Use your Hunter to lure a hungry dinosaur into an ambush.
    • Choose from over 100 upgrades for your tribal followers.
    • Build your way to victory: Assemble a Granary or Quarry to gather resources faster, construct a Temple to charge-up your tribe members with super powers — so many ways to win!

    "It’s simple enough for any casual player and deep enough for some hardcore gamers looking for a little more out of their secret love for Bejeweled.” - Kotaku

    "[L]et me tell you, this thing is more exciting than the discovery of fire… a fantastically deep, and a fantastically fun take on the match-three adventure genre." - Gamezebo

    "It’s free, it’s fun and it’s got cavemen bonking dinosaurs on the head. Give it a download. What are you waiting for, another ice age?” - Arcade Sushi

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