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    Published: 2013-12-10, by Peter Warrior.

    An outstanding fantasy tactics game

    • Deep yet easy to learn gameplay
    • Overall design, effects and voiceovers
    • Awesome learning curve and online features
    • Free, optional IAPs
    • No storyline

    "No game can be won without pawns"

    Tactical games, called sometimes "tactics" because of the Tactics Ogre series so popular in the mid 90s, march to the beat of their own drum in mobile gaming and must be treated as a special case when it comes to mobile gaming, because they are so few that every time a new title is released it deserves all our attention. Fortunately, Rubicon's Combat Monster won't disappoint any fan of the genre.

    Combat Monsters has everything you would like it had. 3D polygonal graphics and characters, beautifully detailed yet with a retro feel (those werewolf archers are great!) are truly awesome, and gameplay is second to none. In fact, since the very first stages in the campaign mode you realize it's an inexhaustible game that allows many combinations and strategies. There's an exhaustive campaign mode (pity there isn't a storyline) and you can play asynchronous multiplayer matches online.

    The three difficulty levels allow all kind of players, from newcomers to hardcore strategists. The amount of monsters and skills, yet the easy rules make of this game, we can say in advance, a likely candidate for the game of the year award in the strategy category. Lastly, although there are in-app purchases to get currency, this game can be eternally played for free if you're patient enough.

    As a footnote, as it reminds of Star Wars Dejarik, will it be a sci-fi version in the future?

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    by Peter , Appszoom

    Dec 10, 2013


    Collect over 2,600 powerful monsters, equipment, spells, runes and other cards.
    Pack your cards into exciting decks with virtually unlimited tactical styles.
    Pit your decks against the massive single player quests and skirmish modes.
    Go online to smash real people into quivering wrecks with your superior tactics.
    As one reviewer said, "this is the game that Hearthstone should have been."

    AppsZoom - 91% - "An outstanding fantasy tactics game"

    Plan your strategy carefully, avoiding all the battlefield traps but securing the bonuses.
    Move your pieces around the board to dominate and smash your enemies.
    Watch your cards come alive when played.
    Wonder why no other CCG's do this.

    AppStoreArcade - 90% - "I wish that there were more hours in the day so I could play more Combat Monsters."

    There are many different races of Combat Monsters, each with their own special horde of warriors, mages and archers. Each race has a racial bonus that has a big effect on how you round out your deck, so plan well - inifinite strategic choices await.

    Magic:The Gathering meets Battle Chess in one hell of a game"

    In a true RPG style, every Combat Monster has a basic attack move and most of them also have an additional activated special ability, along with various power and defence stats that can be modified by equipping and armoring and playing runes and spells.

    PixelVolt - 90% - "Amazing"

    There is an engaging and long lasting single player campaign, plus a skirmish mode that adds infinite replayability. Get more cards by winning matches and opening packs, build different/better decks and then do it all again and again.

    GameWoof - 90% - "Rubicon knocks it out of the park again with this title."

    Want multiplayer? We got you covered there too, with both realtime and asynchronous play options. A full matchmaking system keeps it fair and provides a perfect level of challenge for all ability levels.

    Download for free right now, then tell all your friends what they've been missing out on. We believe it's the biggest and best free game on the store, so why not put that claim to the test, risk free?

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