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    Published: 2012-07-06, by Peter Warrior.

    "A fireball - stonewall - wooden beast duel game"

    • Draw spells on screen
    • Easy to catch gameplay
    • Too short demo
    • Outdated graphics and animations.

    "By the power of earth, wind and fire!"

    Elemental Wars is neither a defense game nor an ability game. It's more like a scissors, stone, paper game, in which you launch your spells -drawing their symbol on screen- and see how they counteract or hurt your foe. This way, you can cast fireballs, dust attacks, raise stone walls or invoke the mighty tree-spirit to smash your foe's tower. We can consider it a somehow strategy game, though it can be well suited for children and adults alike.

    Graphics might be considered rather flat and outdated, same goes for sounds. Definitively there's a lot of work to do here, either to update them or to give them a complete flash-like game look. On the other hand, character artwork seems pretty nice, though it's hard to see.

    This is only a demo, which is an euphemism for a brief tutorial and a duel you can repeat till you get bored to death or upgrade to the complete version.

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    by Peter , Appszoom

    Jul 06, 2012


    Welcome to Toleanor. Ancient land surrounded by the Sea of Tentacles…

    For a thousand of years this land was torn by a War of all against all. Magic against magic, steel against steel... The Land cried in agony... Until The Forgotten One from the Outer Realm came to establish the order…

    Five Mage Guilds of five elements were created. Magic towers have been built to reach the sky and five Arch Mages ruled the land by the name of Forgotten One. And there was peace for another thousand years...

    But time passed by and their desire for power finally lead the Arch Mages to betrayal. A Great Spell was cast to banish the Forgotten One back to the Outer Realm and five Seals of Elements were created to lock the ancient portal...

    A new age of darkness is coming... and here our story begins…

    Welcome to the Elemental Wars. It is fantasy strategy game, with RPG elements. Beautiful graphics and atmospheric music will guide you deep into the world of Toleanor.

    Choose your character and your Element! Stand against other mages and prove that you are the true ruler of Toleanor!

    Free version features:
    ★ Epic Story
    ★ Single Player Campaign
    ★ Unique gameplay
    ★ Strong AI
    ★ Easy to learn, but hard to master magical system
    ★ Five different characters to choose
    ★ High quality graphics and special effects
    ★ You will draw spells right on your phone screen
    ★ Most smart phones and tablets supported
    ★ And more will come in following updates…

    Free version is full featured, but missing cool Online battles! If you like this game and want to try Online mode you can also download Elemental Wars Online for Free or if you would like to support us please buy paid version of Elemental Wars which includes everything.

    Game supports screens from 400x240, but some phones with 320x240 will work as well.

    Feel free to contact us if you have any problems with game. Remember that we are not able to answer in comments, if you need help, please use support e-mail.

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