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    Published: 2013-04-03, by Peter Warrior.

    The paroxysm of hardcore tower defense

    • Surgical game balance
    • It's difficult
    • Graphics and animations might be improved

    "Earth, wind and fire"

    Epic Defense 2 comes to be the same, exactly the same game as Epic Defense 1, and there's no offense intended, as it brings a lot of new maps and enemies, and tower combinations are clearer. Of course, you still have to defend a path from incoming waves of enemies and collect energy to build towers and gems to "arm" them. Some combinations hurt and damage your foes, while others slow them down or support nearby towers. Enemies have special weaknesses and skills, so in the end it's a race to get the towers you need and place them where they can be more useful so you can lean back and enjoy the show.

    Epic Defense 2 shares with its predecessor a malevolent difficulty, making you dependent on which gems you get in the first waves and also making you learn enemies' behavior to avoid building towers where you shouldn't. Likewise, the skill tree must be undertaking with a long term strategy in mind, therefore having to analyze it since the very beginning to not waste your precious coins. Additional coins can be purchased through the shop, of course.

    Epic Defense players will love it as is, though it might be too difficult for casual gamers used to spoonfed challenges.

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    by Peter , Appszoom

    Apr 03, 2013


    As the second work of Epic Defense series, this game will bring you a number of new elements and magic towers...

    "The graphics remind me of Diablo III, awesome! I can't believe such amazing game can be found on android."
    "Well balanced after remake. It will become a masterpiece."

    It had been a long time since the last war between Terran and Orcs. The descendants of the Elements Masters had built their own kingdoms.
    Time passed by, the elemental force of fire had become more and more powerful, and the fire lord was no longer satisfied with his territory...
    Once again, war broke out.
    The fire lord was blinded by his greed. He made a deal with devil to obtain power from the hell. Then, he summoned monsters from hell and made them invulnerable with dark magic...
    When the fire lord had seemed to seize the absolute advantage, the other two tribes discovered an extraordinary energy fluctuation. They followed it and found another ancient tribe, the WIND!
    Heroes, the World of Elements need you now!

    In this myth-style Defense / TD game, you will see troops of undead, monsters and Orcs. Different from other TD games, you need to summon towers by using powers of gems in this game, rather than simply dragging towers and repeating over and over again. This is absolutely a must try for all TD lovers.

    Key Features:
    - Support English, 简体中文 , 正體中文, 日本語, 한국의
    - New element - the Wind element! 11 new towers are waiting for your discovery!
    - New feature - drag gems onto the pathway to release the elemental power!
    - Boss mode is available now.
    - Amazing storyline with 21 well designed levels; 2 different modes and 3 difficulty levels.
    - Easy to operate: drag to build towers, and slide to pick up gems.
    - Eye-catching graphic design specially made for android devices.
    - Enjoy super HD maps and smooth running pictures at the same time (supported by the latest game engine optimization).
    - The creative game play method and the innovative gem integration system will bring you a brand new Tower Defense game experience!
    - The RPG-like upgrading system makes the game more challenging.

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