Europe 1944: Realtime strategy




    3D real-time strategy game from the period of WWII. Twenty-four different types of units, each unit with a specific characteristics such as attacking power against another unit, range, speed of its movement, fire range. Simple navigation in space. An option of computer controlling the units, where a player only adjusts control of the computer. An option to entirely control units with different speeds of movement.

    A variety of optional parameters, choosing your own. Opponent's units can be randomly drawn into the battle.
    Wild Card – a special support of your ground forces by an artillery barrage, paratroopers, bombers, to name a few. This is a must for all lovers of classic real-time strategy games. This game challenges your decision making, estimation and speed. It won't be ease to defeat the opponent.

    All game is only for free...No hidden fees and payments. Your like is thanks for us. Play with us. It is a pleasure to do something for the people, who love strategy games.....

    Have fun!

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