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    Published: 2013-01-16, by Peter Warrior.

    All you can expect of a tower defense game

    • Great gameplay
    • Sharp difficulty curve
    • Nothing special

    "Tower defense in its most enjoyable version"

    This is a remade version of Galaxy Wars Defense, though there aren't very few if any differences between them unless you expect to play it on a tablet or on a hi-res screen. The original review can be read below for your convenience.

    Here's a good example of a mainstream yet excellent tower defense game. Galaxy Wars comes with 'only' eight different turrets to choose among, but there are enough differences between them as to not spoil replayability too much. In exchange, there is a nice amount of different enemies, some of them quite flashy and that remind us of Space Marines stuff. Although Galaxy Wars may not seem to bring anything new to the genre, it may be considered a nice recompilation of the improvements its predecessors brought. Graphics and FX are what you can expect of a tower defense game, though a few can be quite impressive such as laser tower and the flamethrower. Animations are somehow simple, but plainly correct.

    This way, we can find three speed levels (be careful with the fastest, as it's really fast and things can get out of control in a blink), three different maps and three difficulty levels and an achievement system increase your health or permanently improve your towers' attack power, fire rate or range. Pinching in or out you can zoom in the battlefield, which isn't very large but it's appreciated anyway. By the way, battlefield lacks of any pathway, so enemies will try to draw a straight line between their base and yours. This means that strategy concerning where you build each tower is more essential than ever, given even the possibility of raising a complex maze to delay enemies' movement or create a single path and focus all your artillery there. This works pretty well until you find out that there are flying enemies that require a complete different defense.

    In the end, a great tower defense (it could perfectly be included in a tower defense games recommendation blog entry we wrote recently) enjoyable by both tough tower defense players and those who want to start in this genre alike.

    This free version is ad-supported and comes with the first three levels, which is enough to enjoy this game for countless hours. You can purchase in-game points through an in-app purchase or upgrade to the paid version, which unlocks nine more maps and lets you to get rid of ads.

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    by Peter , Appszoom

    Jan 16, 2013


    Galaxy Wars TD is the most anticipated and visually stunning Tower Defense game in the theme of space science fiction. Start your battle on the alien planet now and you will enjoy an incredible game experience.

    * Stunning graphic effect and game animation (similar to Space Epic).
    * Super HD (1380x900 and 1980x1200) maps, specially designed for pad.
    * 12 maps with three difficulty levels; enjoy the endless fun!
    * Interactive terrains with the open path like the fieldrunners' gameplay.
    * 10 types of enemy units, including Marine, Marauder, Reaper, Hellion, Siege Tank, Thor, Viking and Battle cruiser.
    * 8 types of towers, including Machinegun, SAM, Frost, Laser, Plasma, Icon Cannon, Bomb... Each tower has 3 upgrading levels.
    * Free combination of all turrets.
    * 3 game modes: Classic, Extended & Endless.
    * Pinch to zoom in/out the battle field.
    * You may upgrade your turrets at the weapons shop, which will offer you more fun.
    * Tons of achievements waiting for you to achieve.
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