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    Published: 2013-06-04, by Peter Warrior.

    A mix of tower defense and collectible card game

    • Original mix of genres
    • Interesting design
    • It could have more of everything
    • It may become repetitive


    Gotcha Warriors is a defense game in which you have to defend your city from five different lanes of incoming monsters. Your defending 'towers' will be your crew, every one with his special feature, from the urban samurai to the outmoded soldier. The first that will get your attention is the peculiar design, halfway pulp comics and a cartoon style. Then, that it's a game far more based on strategy than others of its kind, which doesn't mean you can place your towers and stay sat for the rest of the round, you have to actively activate your towers' powers to efficiently pass the stage.

    Things get interesting when you see that you can't choose which towers to buy and join up, you choose between common and premium characters and Goddess Luck does the rest. Later you can combine and evolve your towers, who will change its outfit accordingly to the characters you've added to the mix.

    Recommended for any gamers tired of typical defense games or for anyone who is in the mood for something either too casual or too brainy.

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    Jun 04, 2013


    Only for players who have played during【9/3 - 9/11】
    You'll get a present of game currency worth 10$, for playing in the first 7days after downloading.

    #Winner of Google Play Japan Best of 2013#
    #Smash some zombies and save the world!#
    #The best ActionTowerDefense game out there!#
    #Tornado! Electric shock! Deadly battle action!#
    #Fight zombies with characters like ninjas and samurai!#

    The “GotchaWarriors” are special warriors from all over the world and they are at your disposal. Use them to protect the city from the crazy doctor bent on world domination.


    1. Place and move your characters to make good use of their attacks and specialmoves, and will require you to think of a good strategy!
    2. Play against users from around the world, join in worldwide ranked battle parties to get the highest score!
    3. Engage with other players in the gaming community to share game information and tactics, as there's more to it than just playing the game!

    It is up to you! You are the hero!
    Your enemy is Dr. Strange Love. He is using an army of modified zombies to take over your town, and then take over the world. You are the only one who can stop him. You are in command of an army of your own. Your army is made up of special warriors from all over the world. You must expand and enhance your army to halt the doctor's plans.

    Build your army by collecting warriors.
    There are over 300 different warriors to use. From Military personnel to samurai and ninjas. Find them, recruit them, and enhance them and make your army strong enough to crush the doctor and his plans.
    You’ll need a big army to stop the doctor’s zombie hoard, but numbers alone will not be enough. You’ll need to enhance your army by combining two or more soldiers to create a super soldier. There are four levels for each super soldier.
    Fight the approaching zombie hoard. Only you can defeat the crazy doctor with your army of super soldiers. Choose your warriors, place them on the battlefield in the city and let them fight. Target zombies with a tap of the finger. Remember pick your warriors carefully, as you cannot change mid-battle. Only you and your band of warriors stand between the doctor and his plans for world domination.
    Squash the undead army. As you kill zombies and win battles you can gather items and gems. This can be used to strengthen your army, by finding more warriors or by combining and enhancing your current army.
    Smash the zombie hoard with various special attacks.
    Your units have many special attacks you can choose from. Cut, shoot, blow up and kick the zombies into submission. Take out your stress on the zombies, and live happily ever after...

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