Grand Monsters




    Grand Monsters plays like chess, but with friendly monsters that have special powers. It's great for casual gamers, kids, and regular chess or checkers players looking for something new.

    It's easy to learn and fun to play. No quirky rules like "castling" or "en passant". Every game piece can move forward and backward. Matches are short and lively. The game board is 7x7 and there are 5 different piece types to give your brain a workout.

    * Commander - the king piece.
    * Defenders control the board.
    * Blasters throw bombs.
    * Wingers jump up to 2 squares.
    * Zappers paralyze nearby enemies.

    Compete in 2-player mode, against the computer in 5 skill levels (Novice, Easy, Medium, Hard, Expert) or play online against a friend or auto-matched opponent. Keep track of your wins and losses with the game log to see your progress. Master all the levels to become a Grand Monster!!!

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