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    MDS Risik is the classic Risk game play.
    You can play online with other players (from two up to six), with two players the third will be the server.
    MDS Risik was designed and built specifically for Android phones and tablets.

    The maps are big enough to enjoy the game in full.
    If you lost your connectivity, or if the application get closed, the resume of the game is automatically handled by the application, however you can resume the game anytime by entering the same login data.
    MDS Risik includes online multiplayer and all of the maps, including the classic map of the world.
    Create your own room or join an existing room to start playing with your friends or opponents.

    If you can not create a room, most likely you need to update the application to the latest version

    If you have any questions please visit our website:

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    The main features:
    Offline game play
    Bluetooth game play
    Online game play with random opponents (get points)
    Invite and play with your facebook friends (get points)
    Ranking of all players
    Save and resume the offline games
    Resume an online game automatically when the connection goes down

    The main settings:
    Adjust the video settings with zoom and orientation
    Enable or disable the notification for new game rooms
    Switch mode of attack: classic or wave
    Switch objectives: classic or tournament
    Choose the additional number of computer players

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