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    Medieval Wars:Strategy&Tactics's review

    Published: 2014-05-13, by Peter Warrior.

    A realistic medieval strategy game

    • Easy to learn, hard to master
    • Different campaign and troops and scenarios
    • Everything's too static
    • An online asynchronous mode would have been welcomed

    "Deus le volt, God willing"

    From the creators of Strategy and Tactics: WW2 and Cold War, it was obvious that they would get advantage of their already depreciated engine to create new campaigns in other scenarios. Here's why Medieval Wars isn't a surprise at all, and we're sure that there will be many more to come. May we suggest Africa in advance, just for a change?

    Mechanics and rules haven't changed from the previous games, though the AI and overall experience seem a little bit smoother. On the other hand, a few inexplicable design fails (typewriter typography and a strictly icon-based menus) might devalue it all a little bit. In case you don't know, luck isn't involved in battles, it's just a game of numbers wherein troops win or lose according to how many troops you have and how supported are by other units nearby, similar to Risk or Diplomacy, but with upgradeable units.

    In addition to some campaigns, there's also an option to play against the AI or an awesome two players offline hotseat on the same device. Graphics are plain, and we'd love there were some animations, cutscenes or whatsoever, or some non logistic orders such as hostage exchange or treaties.

    Anyway, strategy lovers will love this as much as the previous ones. It's just a matter of taste between medieval chivalrous or XXth century warfare.

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    by Peter , Appszoom

    May 13, 2014


    Strategists! A huge update of Medieval Wars is here!

    A free campaign ‘In Praise of Odin!’ consists of 9 missions, in which you will take part in the Vikings’ bloody wars in Scandinavia and Mainland Europe.
    • You will be able to capture Paris, invade England and Southern Italy.
    • With the great Rollo you will found the Normandy dukedom.
    • In Oleg the Prophet’s campaign you will gain Kiev.

    For those who think that’s not enough, we have also prepared 4 new historical scenarios.
    • In the bloody ‘Battle of Brávellir’ you will defeat the legendary Harald Wartooth, the King of Danes and Swedes.
    • In a huge scenario called ‘Vikings' Wars’ you will be able to keep half of Europe in fear and make them look to the seas in terror.
    • Playing as Harald Fairhair in the ‘Unification of Norway’ you will set the Norse crown atop your head.
    • As Cnut the Great you will win the war against Norway and Sweden and establish power over these lands.

    Medieval Wars: Strategy & Tactics

    The history of medieval Europe is rich in bloody wars and conflicts. The Norman invasion, the Crusades, the Hundred Years' War, the Reconquista, the Wars of the Roses, the Albigensian Crusade and endless peasant riots… A new game in the Strategy & Tactics series gives you an opportunity to try your strength in confrontations between the most ruthless conquerors.

    In Medieval Wars: Strategy & Tactics you are to lead the armies of England and France as well as the armies of crusaders in three campaigns and try to win the biggest wars and battles of European medieval history. Scenario maps will let you take part in Russian feuds, stop the Saracens under the flag of Charles the Great and lead The Hussites.
    After winning all the fascinating battles of Campaign and Scenario mode, try Hotseat multiplayer mode.
    Medieval Wars: Strategy & Tactics: It’s time to march off!

    • 4 historical campaigns, with 25 missions in total
    • 11 independent historical scenarios
    • Several Skirmish mode maps
    • 21 types of units
    • Multiplayer mode Hotseat
    • Turn-based battles, economic and military research

    The following content is available in free version:
    - 3 missions of England campaign;
    - full viking campaign In Praise of Odin!;
    - One Hotseat mode map with fixed game settings;
    - 2 historical game scenario;

    The following content is available in premium version:
    - Complete England, Vikings, France and Crusaders campaigns with 25 historical missions in total;
    - Uploading of new campaigns available in future update;
    - Multiple Skirmish mode maps with various customisable game settings;
    - Uploading of new Skirmish mode maps available in future update;
    - 11 unique game scenarios available;
    - Uploading of additional game scenarios available in future update;
    - Several Hotseat multiplayer mode maps with various customisable game settings;

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