The rules have changed.

    Your are NOT trying to match three or more same objects to get points but you are trying to SEPARATE the hexagons in a way that there are no adjacent hexagons of the same color. Seems easy!!! Well try it and you will find out that it s not that easy. As levels increase, the difficulty increases and the challenge is more.

    There are four modes of playing. At "Easy" and "Medium" modes you are trying to fill the board so there are no adjacent hexagons of the same color.
    The other two ("Hard" and "Master") are more difficult. Now all hexagons are filled but you try to swap the correct hexagons so that you create a board with no adjacent colors.

    UPDATE 1.2
    New levels added at "Easy" and "Medium" mode of playing
    UPDATE 1.3
    In this update the "Master" mode of playing has changed. Now the hexagons must be rearranged so that there is no adjacent hexagon with the same color, but with a time limit, If the time expires before the solution is found then the level is terminated and the user must select again a level. So its a good idea to master your skills in "Hard" mode and then move on to the "Master" mode!!!
    UPDATE 1.4
    In this update at "Master" mode of playing you can swipe to the left or right to start the level from the begining. the remaining time is still running!!!
    UPDATE 1.5
    The colors have become more eye friendly. The swipe can be used for all modes of playing
    UPDATE 1.6
    Fix some bugs of version 1.5. Info dialog is shown only once.Swipe to the right restarts the same game and swipe to the left exits the game.
    UPDATE 1.7
    Instructions added. Fix some bugs of version 1.6

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