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    Published: 2012-10-16, by .

    Quadrantum is an original puzzle game based on board-domination

    • Original
    • Highly addictive
    • Single and Multiplayer mode
    • Different AI difficulty levels
    • Graphics and layout

    "Manage colors to rule the board"

    Full version is ad-free and includes some interesting features like 4 players appliance, network game, skins and many more.

    First time I launched Quadrantum I didn't know it was going to hook me that way. Graphics aren't stunning, just a multi-color psychedelic board that face four players, each of them starting from the corner. In addition, there's no tutorial what makes it even weirder. However, in a few minutes you realize how it works and nor graphics either lack of tutorial matter anymore.

    Quadrantum is a logical puzzle game based on board domination: you start from one of the corners, your three opponents from the rest. You have to choose one of the colors available on the right frame. Colors available depend on the last move of your opponents. The goal is to occupy more squares than your rival by matching colors. Try to be efficient since your opponents have same goal: choose colors depending on how many squares of that color are adjacent to your domination area.

    It allows you to play single and multiplayer mode (also 2 players in one team). There are three AI difficulty levels, six profiles of players and some different levels.

    An addictive puzzle game from the very first game.

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    by Manu , Appszoom

    Oct 16, 2012


    Addictive game which develops your logical and tactical thinking.

    "Immediately after I made sense of this game I knew that I was hooked on it. It's a wonderful staple game to have on hand." - (score: 9/10)

    "It's a lot more fun and addictive than it might sound; give it a try! -- Keoni C." -

    "Quadratum: Psychedelic multiplayer color fun!" - (Rating: 4/5)

    Quadratum is a puzzle game, the goal is to occupy more squares than your rival. The occupation of squares is realized per consecutive joining of squares which are next to the player. Complication is that your rival has the same goal. You have 6 types of bonuses scattered all over the field. Use them at the right moment.
    Have fun!

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    Characteristics and features:
    - Single and multiplayer mode
    - by multiplayer mode synchronous play of 4 players on one appliance
    - network game
    - 3 difficulty levels
    - different levels collected to tournament
    - levels with blockades
    - 6 types of bonuses
    - 6 profiles of players
    - mode without bonuses (filler)
    - game stats
    - achievments
    - skins
    - save/load game
    - data saves to SD
    - nice graphics
    - app2sd
    - no ads

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