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    Published: 2013-05-28, by Peter Warrior.

    A dynamic defense game

    • Dynamic and entertaining
    • It could have more different enemies and tactics
    • A storyline would be great

    "Shattered starry star"

    Rock Stars vs Paparazzi is a defense game more oriented to real-time tactics rather than strategy and be sat waiting for your "towers" to do their job. Your star uses his fame to invoke fans with different abilities and access to different weapons to fend off paparazzi and their army of camera drones trying to get pictures of him. We should understand that this game is about this in order to get closer to a teenage audience or to cut itself off from medieval defense gaming, though it doesn't mean that it isn't violent by nature: your fans ("towers") use brass knuckles, baseball bats and whatever to beat any incoming paparazzo. However, the cartoony design softens it quite a bit.

    This game's quite dynamic, more than other counterparts within defense genre. You have not only to call your fans, but also place them knowing that they hit when they are placed. In addition, fans cost fame but add fame at the same time, so you'll have to manage your resources on the fly. The equivalent of screen wiping magic would be "fury", which is also fed back by fans.

    Overall, it's a free game, agile and entertaining, suitable both for defense fans looking for something faster and for people looking for a not-so-deep-and still defense game.

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    by Peter , Appszoom

    May 28, 2013


    Do you like the idea of becoming a Rock Legend?
    Be careful! Being the King of Rock has its downsides.
    They may be hyperactive crowds of "headbangers" but, this time, your fans are your allies against the tabloids and vultures who stalk you for every photo opportunity. Fight to stay King of this glittering arena!

    Give the paparazzi a beating in Rock Stars vs Paparazzi!
    Reveal the beast that sleeps within, gather the raging crowds and declare war on the paparazzi!

    In this electric tower defence game:
    • Play Hannibal Puppet, a hardcore metaller assaulted by waves of paparazzi.
    • Rely on the help of your devoted fans, their arsenal of ever wackier weapons and increase their power.
    • Fabulous, cartoon-style graphics with the real atmosphere of a heavy metal festival.

    Key features:
    • 40 action-packed levels
    • 10 fans prepared to become your infinitely-powerful bodyguards: find the Metalhead grandpa, the Goth Teen, or even the Gorilla!
    • More than 9 different weapons to fight off the crazed paparazzi: from simple boxing gloves to flame throwers, even a Kamehameha, there's something to suit everyone!

    Jump headlong into your own rock universe, get rid of the earplugs and show the paparazzi how vengeful a Rock God can be!

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