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    Published: 2012-01-16, by Peter Warrior.

    A twisted defense game.

    • Free to play
    • Music
    • Slow gameplay

    "- You are the Chosen One, whether you care"

    Siegebreaker is the penultimate defense game, in which you ought to defend a King from hordes of monsters who were once his serfs. The main character is a narcissistic rock star with too much money to spend on hair dyes.

    Although its rebel look, Siegebreaker doesn't break any of the rules of the genre, but compiles the best of each house instead. Characters can be moved by dragging them in order to get the best spots to hit your foes and protect the king, but that's not all: there are some magic tricks to help you against the forces of evil. For example, you can animate a Rolling Stone (what a lame pun, sorry) tapping on it a tilting your device, which is quite a novelty in the defense genre. Dialogues, both enemies' and yours, are entertaining and hilarious enough to deserve the effort of playing a new stage or at least standing a new wave of enemies.

    Music is quite interesting, fluttering from epic rock music to Celtic faerie rhymes. Graphics aren't as much, but are effective in their own comic-like style. If there must be a flaw to be highlighted it should be that game can be too slow and, if it wasn't for the aforementioned witty dialogues, it could be boring too fast in comparison to other more fast-paced defense games. Another little catch is that there's no way to quit the game except tapping 'home' button on your device, which leaves Siegebreaker running on background. Great game anyway, absolutely worth of a try though it seems doomed to be uninstalled once you achieve to end the campaign mode.

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    by Peter , Appszoom

    Jan 16, 2012


    The Brookelands are under siege! A mysterious evil has arrived, turning all the happy knights and peasants into vile monsters! Only the kings remain, but the undead armies are marching - who can save the kings?

    Luckily, fate has chosen Keith, a famous rockstar, to be its champion, and sent him to the castles to save the kings before it's too late.

    A confused Keith must use his guitar, his wit and reckless attitude to form a team of siegebreakers. Only the siegebreakers can liberate the Brookelands' many castles from certain destruction.

    Siegebreaker is available for all Android devices.

    Key Features:
      Control your team of wacky characters - tactical placement is they key to victory.
      Unlock characters and abilities in Siegebreaker's exciting Campaign Mode.
      Crisp HD graphics and symphonic score.
      Collect Power Orbs in Siege Mode to upgrade your team's stats and skills.
      Unlock a secret fourth character!

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