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    Slurry Bomber: Strike Force

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    Forest Fires are raging out of control across many communities! It is up to you to pilot your Slurry Bomber and save citizens from loosing their homes and loved ones! Use your team of elite fire fighters to control Planes, Helicopters and Fire Rangers in order to extingiush fires & rescue the townsfolk from burning alive! Your quest involves quickly extinguishing wildfires that are raging out of control. Increasingly complex situations will prompt you to purchase bigger planes and more sophisticated equipment to maximize your success, but how you do it is all up to you. Good luck, and get up there!

    -Quick & Easy gameplay, pick up and play
    -Planes, Helicopters and even a Fire Ranger allow you to build the ultimate fire fighting team!
    -Use strategy to set the flight path of your plane to effectively extinguish fires
    -Fire fighting tools! From Water to Slurry and even Chemical retardants
    -Upgrade your equipment to become the ultimate fire fighter!
    -Rewarding gameplay and randomly generated levels add to the replayability

    V1.5 Notes-
    We have addressed a lot of major criticism and feedback with this update.

    -Leaderboards and Achievements! Show other Slurry Strikers who is #1!
    -There is now an additional way to earn credits other than leveling up and purchasing. A voluntary ad click each day will allow you to unlock an additional level, earn some cash and credits, and get your resources refilled for free! Also available to those who have supported us by purchasing credits.
    -Adds the Falcon Helicopter, with its own set of upgrades. After it is unlocked, this helicopter deploys every minute to help you fight fires, and does not consume resources when deployed.
    -New level select map with more clear level placement.
    -Adds more levels! There are now 99 total levels to complete
    -You are now told what you crashed into when you crash!

    Bug Fixes:
    -'no deploy' glitch has been fixed. You should never have to worry about fuel being consumed and not deploying anymore!
    -Various glitchy displays have been fixed
    -Some hit detection issues have been addressed
    -Leveling up no longer drains slurry if you have not unlocked chemicals
    -Various other fixes

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