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    Spartan Wars: Blood and Fire's review

    Published: 2014-03-20, by Peter Warrior.

    Management and card game

    • Beautiful graphics
    • Things to do galore
    • UI can be a maze
    • It needs constant connection to the Internet

    "This is Sparta, once again"

    Spartan Wars is an online multiplayer game management game in which you have to raise and manage your own Classical city balancing economic and culture facilities with army infrastructures thanks to the help of three advisors: the pretty political consultant babe with dizzying curves, the rude yet brave and loyal general and a Presocratic seer who instead of reading animal guts makes an effort to let fly common sense sentences to prove his wisdom.

    Therefore, game's both a management game, as you have to manage and arrange resources and buildings, but there's also a warlike part to play with your troops and invoke gods' help through cards, though don't expect a real time strategy game. We could also talk about an unwritten third part which would be forging alliances and playing the diplomacy game, in fact an euphemism for "fetch you friends from Facebook".

    Although Spartan Wars is a very complete game, that can be its worst flaw, too. User Interface has umpteen little icons stuffing it, and once the tutorial ends you're left alone and lost with so many possible actions to do and very few resources. Of course, there's a button somewhere to access the shop to exchange real money for in-game currency. In addition, it's too dependent to a constant Internet connection.

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    Mar 20, 2014


    Spartan Wars — A Real Time Strategy Game

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    Build your own city, collect its resources, and upgrade its buildings.

 Train a destructive army of Spartan warriors to defend against the enemies of the Mist Caves.

    Build an alliance together with your friends and players worldwide to take over the world!

    Take advantage of the troop counter system to route huge armies with just enough force in epic battles! 

    Make sacrifices to the Gods and benefit from their divine power!

    Defeat your enemies, conquer territory, plunder resources, and become the ultimate ruler!

    The lands of Sparta await a brave, wise ruler. So take up arms and fight! Lead your warriors protected by the Gods and defeat all in your way!

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