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    Spyday - The Quiz Citygame

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    The highly addictive cult game: Compete with your friends for the best spots in town! Featured by WDR and n-tv. Download for free and try it now!

    The citygame Spyday is a perfect mix of geocaching, check-in, quiz and social strategy game. Collect tasks using GPD at real locations in your city. Solve them on the go and conquer the spots with your spies – they will steal precious points from other players!

    Here is what our agents say:

    ***** “This geo-cityrallye is an awesome combination! Playing at real locations like in geo-caching, solving quizzes and riddels like in a quiz app, then occupying the spot and taking your friends to the cleaners like in monopoly. I feel like Bond 007 on the hunt for Mister X when I drive off a friend from his favorite spot.”

    ***** “I often have to wait for my bus or train, that’s when I love this citygame the most! I really like the minigames (quiz and esp. hangman, even though that hangman is really hard sometimes). Like this waiting as a commuter at bus stations actually becomes fun.”

    ***** “I’m a big geocaching fan and love everything with geolocations. Foursquare is a bit boring for me and Ingress too complex. I really love this underground city rallye, GPS-spots are perfect and the map reminds me of a treasure hunt!”

    Your job as an agent: At every public transport station you will find new minigames (quiz, questions, riddles, hangman) to be collected every day. If you solve them correctly, you can have one of your spies occupy the spot for you. The spy will snitch on other players as they solve tasks at “your” spot: You profit like you would from having a hotel in monopoly. But beware! Your opponents will not sit idle and try to claim the geolocations for themselves. So take good care of your spies, train them and lead your team to become the best agent in this citygame!

    • Like geocaching: Collect minigames with GPS at geolocations (bus stops and train stations)
    • Like a game collection: Solve riddles like hangman, music quiz, film quiz etc.
    • Like monopoly: conquer stations with your spies and profit like you would from a hotel in monopoly
    • Like James Bond: Take good care of your crew as a secret agent (training, equipment) and become king of the underground
    • Like Risk: Fight your friends in duels for the best geolocations, drive them off and become the best clan in your friends highscore

    You will love Spyday, if…
    • … you like urban games, streetgames or citygames: As a secret agent in the underground this social urban game is the perfect city rallye: a monopoly for the real world!
    • … you like GPS-games like geocaching or other geolocation treasure hunts: This scavenger hunt combines the best elements of Foursquare, Ingress and geocaching! Location-Based-Gaming at its best!
    • … you like solving riddles: tricky questions like in “Who wants to be a millionaire?” will make short work of waiting time boredom!
    • … you like 007: dive into a world of spies and secret agents. In your secret service’s service, you control the underground – but like in MI6 or Scotland Yard, only the best will rise!
    • … you like exploring cities: a very special kind of sightseeing tour, a scavenger hunt as citygame and georallye!

    Why should I play it?
    • It’s free! Download the game for free and try it.
    • It’s exciting! Over 8000 different minigames (quizzes, riddles, hangman, music, film, history, flags, logo quiz …)
    • It’s a city competition! Play daily and steal points from other players.
    • It’s a boredom buster! You will soon hope for the next Subway to arrive a few minutes later.
    • It’s everywhere! Every public transport station in Germany is a play spot (bus, train, tram, subway, metro, underground, city train, regional)

    Become a Spyday-Agent in this thrilling city rallye:

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