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    Published: 2014-01-17, by .

    Tiny Defense is a tower-defense game featuring small toys that got... alive!

    • Cartoony graphics
    • Upgrading system: tech-tree
    • Amount of levels and missions
    • Towers can't be placed freely
    • Game's pace can't be controlled by the user

    "This is a Toy defense Story"

    Tower-defense was an almost forgotten game genre until mobile's touchscreen has brought it back to the gaming scene with good titles like the one I'm reviewing next.

    Tiny Defense has all the elements of a good tower-defense . You must place towers and turrets and survive the bugs attack by waves. Killing units is rewarded with coins that you can use to upgrade your towers, repair them or buy new ones. You can also use it to skip mana refilling time. Apart from the automatic attack of each tower, you can launch magic spells that require mana.

    Tiny Defense has an interesting tech-tree for upgrading both towers and skills. Each mission (world) happens in its own environment and includes 4 levels. Difficulty increases gradually as you complete them until the point upgrading skills and towers becomes a must to beat the levels.

    Lots of towers, a complete upgrading system and neat cartoony graphics make of Tiny Defense a game to be considered within its genre.

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    by Emmanuel , Appszoom

    Jan 17, 2014


    Toys are going insane! Affected by mystic portal, lots of toys lost themselves and attacked several communities. And you, commander of the M.S.I.T.A. (Mighty Super Iron Toy Army), need to swipe them out, saving the world and restore order and peace!

    > Tiny Toys, Great Warfare!
    > Tons of power-ups ---- build your own army!
    > Over 100 challenges to go!
    > Machine gun, Cannon, Laser, Rocket ---- Kick-ass Weapons!
    > Spider mine, Power battery, Death impulse, Nano-repair ---- Air raid, EMP, Shield, and more! > “Never toy with the Toy Army!” -------the M.S.I.T.A.

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