Undersky: The Eternal Saga




    You've always dreamt of commanding your own army and learning the most powerful spells? Then set off on an unforgivable trip to Undersky: the Eternal Saga. There you will find a truly fantastic world, where five elements rule it all. This world has recently survived a massive disaster, but you gave it new life under the most beautiful sky!

    What is Undersky: the Eternal Saga?
    It's a city builder with a touch of RPG.
    It's a crazy, never-ending adventure with spectacular battles and varied character upgrades.
    And it's a favourite game of the future You!
    Once rich and blooming, the Kingdom is now a clear patch of land with nothing at all. Take over the King's throne to revive it and make even more prosperous. It will take all your wisdom to rebuild townships from nothing, develop the economy, create a fearsome army and clear lands from invaders.
    As a skilled governor, you know that army is above all. Direct all your energies to create units, improve their skills with special cards earned from victories and fuse units into stronger ones. Whom do you like to see more in your squad – a Swordsman, an Archer, a Wizard or a Dragon, perhaps? You can have them all, Master!
    Don't forget to placate Gods, living in a special Hall – they can give you precious blessings. Take care of your scientists, who spend nights and days in Laboratory working with cards – they mean everything to you! But most of all look after your Fort, because without soldiers no Kingdom will survive.
    Daily quests, market full of odd items, battles and mighty bosses will never let you feel bored!
    Key game features:
    * ample set of quests;
    * stunning graphics;
    * highly organized world (Academy, Library, Fort, Foundry, etc.);
    * range of amazing characters to please fans of card tournaments;
    * gradual level complexity, new quests all the time;
    * game mechanics mixing: farming, card fusions, battle mode with animated units
    More fun to come! PvP battles, unique battle modes, missions against dangerious bosses, and other surprises!
    Dive into a magical whirlpool to emerge in the world full of miracles!
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