X Wars




    Take command of your army in this Grand Strategy Masterpiece. And battle the endless troops of enemies that floods the maps in the Full 32 Mission Campaign! Lead them to Victory!

    *Meet many characters in your epic journey to save the world. Enemies and Friends!
    *Take full advantage of the defensive terrain, natural choke points, ambush spots and your units special properties to win! The enemy sure will!
    *Fight in the Mountains, Forests, Sea, Roads, Lava and more!
    *Command 20+ Units among Land, Air and Naval types. Some can hide like the Sub submerges, others can carry other units to long distances, some can attack directly and others can send missiles from far away!
    *Capture Buildings! They give you money, repair your units and even Deploy more!
    *Fight in the Shadows as Fog of War covers the entire map and the enemy units hide in it!
    *Play against a friend or 3! in the local multiplayer feature in which you can also play campaign maps. Wanna know what the enemy felt? Play as him/her!
    *Enjoy the beautiful maps in which the action takes place!

    Main Features:

    Many Hours of Fun!
    Stunning Visuals.
    Exciting Epic Music!
    Simple, Intuitive Control Method.
    Perfectly Suited for both Tablets and Phones.
    Lots of Units.
    Lots of Terrain Types.
    Full 32 Epic Mission Campaign!
    Local Multiplayer in all 32 Maps!
    4 Factions!
    -The Red Dragons.
    -The Green Peace Makers.
    -The Blue Knights.
    -The Yellow Monsters.

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