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    Warning - the app is decidedly crappy if your display's pixel density is higher than 400 or so. Everything would appear too small and the game would also be too slow I think.

    I am going to developers' hell, I know. Will make the UI scalable when I find time.

    Goal: Block at least 75% of the area

    Player: The red square. Can move horizontally or vertically. Swipe anywhere on the screen to indicate the direction you want the red square to move. Anywhere. You don't really have to touch the red square to move the player.

    Enemies: Black/white squares that move. They can move diagonally at a constant speed, and they change directions when they hit an obstacle. Avoid bumping into these.

    Blackholes: Black rectangular shapes on the board. If you surround these without any enemies inside, then they get sealed and will disappear. Not present in "Classic" mode.

    Game on!

    I invite feedback and comments - either here or at

    PS: It originally started as an android version of the classic game Xonix32 - You might've played other games called "ST Lines" or "Qix" which I am told have a similar format

    PPS: This app is ad-free and does not require ANY special permissions.

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