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    Published: 2012-10-09, by Ana Gracia.

    Play this addictive game and challenge everyone you know

    • Extremely fun and addictive
    • Turn-based gameplay
    • Good questions
    • Only in Spanish

    "Addicted to Trivial all day long"

    Triviados, following the success of Angry Words, is a turn-based game that grabs the idea from the popular game: Trivial. The game consists of a series of categories and questions. The objective of the game is to get one star from each color -category- before your opponent does.

    You can play as many matches as you want at the same time and you can keep playing and guessing until you get one wrong, which will mean that is your opponent's turn to play. The questions have four possible answers and you have a limited time to tap on one of them, so this way it's not possible to search the Internet for the right answer.

    In addition, there is also the challenge, which means that each one of you has to answer a question of each category. The one who gets the least correct answers loses a star and makes the other win one, so it's quite a dangerous move. The only thing we don't like is that you need to know which color is correspondent to every category because if you, by mistake, tap on a star question that you already have, there is no way back and if you get it wrong, you lose the star. So basically, you need to know all the colors in order not to click on it if you don't want to risk it all... Or at least, it should be possible to say: No, I don't want to risk my star.

    Akaro is the developer of Triviados, a fun and really addictive game where you can challenge all your friends to play and even with strangers. Unfortunately, it's only available in Spanish right now but we hope it will have more languages in the future.

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    by Anna , Appszoom

    Oct 09, 2012


    We have a lot of game modes:
    - A board where you can answering questions and winning star of all categories to win your opponents (for 2-6 players) to trivial style.
    - Make tic tac toe against your opponent answering questions. First wins!
    - Play a challenge mode game and answering 20 questions. Win one more hit.

    Factory questions. Here you can ask your own questions and put them in the game

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