Car Quiz




    Car Quiz is your chance to demonstrate your knowledge of cars, we show you photos of the most influential cars in grouped by category and you have to indicate the manufacturer and model.

    Compact car (20)
    Mid-size car (20)
    Full-size car (20)
    Full-size luxury car (20)
    Mid/Full-size luxury SUV (20)
    Supercar (20)
    20th century supercar (20)

    Each correct answer increases your score by 10 points. If you log into your Google+ account you will get achievements and be part of global leaderboards.

    The photos are downloaded from the Internet to reduce the size occupied by the application. You can download and delete the downloaded photos of every category of cars when you want, your progress will not be lost.

    Now you can share the photos by Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Telegram and Gmail, so your friends can help you.

    Upcoming improvements
    - Hints
    - More cars
    - Additional categories

    Hint: hyphens, slashes, question marks, accents, colons and other special characters are ignored.
    Hint: the cars are ordered by manufacturer.

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