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    Published: 2014-02-20, by Ana Gracia.

    A simple quiz with a design that could be enhanced

    • Can be entertaining
    • Repetitive
    • Design is improvable

    "Guessing the 2000s"

    Guess the Game Quiz is a new application in the series of popular quizzes that seem to have invaded the market.

    This time, the objective is be to guess the popular icons from the 2000s. The gameplay is extremely simple: you will be presented a picture of something belonging to the 2000s. Your task will be to choose the correct letters which spell the word you're looking for.

    Design could definitely be improved to look more professional. Controls have a great response, but aesthetically, the game could easily be enhanced.

    AllinaDaysPlay is the developer of Guess the 2000's Quiz, a simple and improvable game for all ages. Fine to be entertained, but nothing special about it.

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    by Anna , Appszoom

    Feb 20, 2014


    The most complete quiz of the 21st century is here!

    Have you lived out the amazing 2000s and been involved in everything that has trended? Then this is the perfect quiz for you. Quite a few of us have been through all the years from 70's to 80's and recently the 90's. But 2000's was the year when mankind jumped leaps and bounds.

    Relive this amazing era in this easy to play quiz!

    - Play with friends. See who has better knowledge
    - Put your instincts and knowledge about movies, apps, tv shows, games, technology, music artists or bands etc. at stake. Icons, logos, designs, snapshots, pictures etc. are used to denote the various questions.
    - If you get stuck you can post on facebook or twitter for help.

    Play it and be the ultimate 2000's person!

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